The kitchen

Generally lit by the "mounkass" (skylight), its shale slab worktop, with circular openings for cooking with wood, allows fire to pass through; a hood allows smoke and water vapour to escape through a chimney embedded in a double wall to the terrace - except in the case of Palace 18 where the heat from the fireplaces serves as an additional heating source for the floor of the hammam judiciously placed above -.

Adjacent to this space, the food (bayte el aoula) and water (el djeb and el bir) reserves are generally located under the patio, in the laundry room (beyte essaboune).

"El Bir", a well dug in the ground, collects drinking water from the groundwater table.

"El Djeb" represents the supply of rainwater, used for household tasks, collected from the flat terrace of the carefully limed house, and led down through terracotta pipes.