The monument

Palais des Raïs - Bastion 23

The historical monument


One of the most important historical monuments of the city of Algiers, it is one of the last physical witnesses of the extension of the old city (Kasbah of Algiers) to the sea, during the Ottoman period from the 16th to the 19th century.

An integral part of the medina of El Djazaïr, this district is detached, even isolated from its traditional environment following the upheavals and restructuring suffered by the Kasbah in the French era.



Its classification


In 1909, the architectural complex (Bastion23) was classified as a historic monument under the name "Group of Moorish houses", both for its architectural interest and as the last quarter of the lower Kasbah. This classification was renewed by the public authorities on 20 December 1967 by Order No. 281-67.

In 1991, the Kasbah (Medina of El Djazaïr) was erected and classified as a national and then world heritage site by UNESCO in December 1992.

This double classification confirms the recognition and importance given by national and international authorities to this architectural and urban jewel delimited by a protection and safeguarding perimeter that includes the Palais des Raïs.


It is responsible for:

- Organize and host permanent and temporary exhibitions related to cultural heritage.

- Participate in the popularization of the arts and public awareness for the protection of cultural heritage.

- To make available to the public documentation in the fields of art, history and archaeology, in relation to the Kasbah of Algiers.

- Ensure a constant balance between exploitation (animation) and preservation of the site.




Today, the Palais des Rais offers visitors the opportunity to stroll through a historical and cultural environment. Stops alternate and rhythm museum activities in the palaces, and scientific activities in the conference room, library and archive rooms. A playful tour planned around meeting places (fishermen's houses), leisure activities, shows for children, concerts, poetic evenings... are organized on the terrace (battery) overlooking the bay of Algiers.


The rooms of the traditional Algerian house


Decorative and architectural elements