Entrance hall

A generally dark space, which articulates the exterior with the interior, the street and the patio (wast eddar). It connects two illuminated spatial entities and receives its light from the mounkass (skylight). Rather sober in a modest dwelling, it is majestic when it comes to a palace.

From there, several service areas such as a store, bathrooms and sometimes stables are accessible, whether you are in a large (dar) or a small (douéra) residence.

Palace 18 is a perfect example of this; a roof made of ridge vaults, the crossing of which gives rise to beautiful oil lamp chandeliers, walls flanked by columns of arches in a basket handle, tuff or marble frames, sumptuously arranged ceramics, added to this a floor covering made of fine ceramic or marble, alternated with marble or shale thresholds covering cleverly arranged benches.

A harmonious ensemble which, at the bend of a noisy street, suddenly offers behind a thick door, a relaxing, serene and quiet atmosphere.