The byoutes

and the Ghroufs


The Byoutes (on the patio level) and the Ghrofs (on the first floor) are the main living rooms. Represented in the same way, they differ in their belonging to a particular level of the residence.

Often of an accentuated longitudinal shape, conditioned by the limited length of the juniper joists or logs that support the floor, they are

covered with a beautiful ceramic with a floral or geometric theme, and are raised by a step above the S'hine.

They are organized around an axial centre, which joins the entrance door to the K'bou, an element of very strong permanence that marks a centrality, often affirmed.

Two lateral spaces, each marked by an axis defined by the window, generally low, overlook the patio and face it, a doukana (cupboard) with a basket handle arch.

It is the K'bou and the doukanates that protrude outwards (the street) to obtain a set of corbels, outgoing and incoming volumes according to the shape of the plot to form this beautiful external expression that defines the walls of the street.