The patio

Better known as the patio (centre of the house), it is truly the space around which the whole house is built;

Regulator par excellence, he organizes, orders and sets the rhythm.

Open to the sky, of which he appropriates a plot, it is both a skylight and lungs, which illuminate and breathe the interior spaces of the house.

Receptacle of the element necessary for all life, namely water, it collects it and transports it to the djeb (water tank).

Its walls, composed of arches and columns in marble or tuff stone, the top of which is surrounded by a beautiful wooden balustrade, on its white facades are articulated in a majestic rhythm, horizontal and vertical lines materialized by the brightly coloured ceramic.

The celestial light, the cheerful colours of the tiles, the bright white walls, the curves of the arches that blend harmoniously with the straight lines, create a spatial setting bursting with joy, feelings of well-being and spirituality.