Palace of the Rais | Arts and Culture Center

Under the high patronage of the Minister of Culture and Arts, Dr.-  Soraya Mouloudji, and under the supervision of the governor of the province of Algiers, in coordination with the Center for Arts and Culture at Palais Rais Bastion 23 and the National Office of Copyright and Related Rights, the Hachemi Guerouabi Cultural Association organized the 8th edition of the Hachemi Guerouabi Grand Prize, dedicated to the memory of Cheikh Amar Ezzahi. The opening day was marked by a tribute to Cheikh Smaain Henni (former member of the jury), followed by an artistic performance by Cheikh Abderrahman El Koubi, accompanied by the El Harraz group under the direction of Professor Ismail Ferkioui.


The second evening featured an artistic performance by the artist Hassiba Abdelraouf, while the third evening was animated by Cheikh Kamal Aziz.

As for the closing evening, it witnessed a large attendance by the public during the announcement of the contest results, followed by an artistic performance by the talented artist Nadia Ben Youcef and artist Abdelkader.