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This morning - Riyas al-Bahr Palace has great historical value

Rias El Bahr Palace.. a witness to the ancient history of Algeria

Visit inside the Rias El Bahr Palace in Algeria

The story of a place: the Rias El Bahr Palace... the jewel of Algeria and the symbol of resistance

Al-Seyahi Newspaper Visit to the exhibition of traditional clothes in the Rias al-Bahr Palace "BASTION 23"

Organization of a conference entitled “The Riyas Al-Bahr Palace through History” on the occasion of Heritage Month

Rias El Bahr Palace.. one of the most famous historical monuments in Algeria

Qasr Al-Riyas: majestic building and shield of Algeria

Rias El Bahr Palace.. A castle witness to the succession of civilizations in Algeria

Algiers / Rias El Bahr Palace, historic monument and masterpiece of Moorish architecture

SABAH ECHOURROUK, visit to the palace of Rias al-Bahr
"The Capital - Rias al-Bahr Palace / The Artistic and Cultural Charity Event" Rehaat Zaman
Rias al-Bahr Palace.. when the Mediterranean had its chiefs and its guards
The Casbah is a guest of the Rias El Bahr Palace
Sar Rias El Bahr / Algeria Art painting exhibition titled "The Kasbah with a creative artistic vision"
The Rias al-Bahr Palace in the capital organizes open doors on tourism and traditional industry
Yawm Jadid | Rias El Bahr Palace.. one of the most important archaeological and historical monuments in Algeria
A visit to the Rias al-Bahr Palace
BASTION 23 still protects the history of Rias al-Bahr today
Burnos, the "Red Prince", is presented for the first time at the Palace of Rias al-Bahr
Qasr Al-Riyas .. a historical monument and a fortress in the Algerian capital for centuries
The Italian president visits the Rias al-Bahr palace on the capital's central waterfront
Kasbah National Day - Qasr Rias El Bahr
The director of the Center for Arts and Culture "Rias Al-Bahr Palace" unveils the Ramadan program for the month of heritage
Director of the Palace Arts Center Rias al-Bahr "2022, in which there were many activities and many monuments have been restored
The Rias al-Bahr palace inaugurates the chapel of the Qaa al-Sur mosque
The report from Rias al-Bahr.. the majestic fortress of al-Mahrousa, which defies oblivion
Tourist newspaper Visit of the exhibition of traditional Algerian clothes, Rias El Bahr Palace, city #Algeria
An initiative for children on their International Day at the Rias Al Bahr Palace
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni visits the Rias al-Bahr Palace in the capital
The reopening of the chapel of the Palace of the Chiefs of the Sea, coinciding with the celebrations of the birth of the Prophet
Each finger is a work.. Creations of women journalists in an exhibition at the Rias Al-Bahr Palace
Rias al-Bahr in Algeria... a world heritage that questions history
An artistic evening for lovers of Andalusian music at the Center for Arts and Culture, Palace of the RAIs of the Sea

Heritage Month: "Rias El Bahr Palace", an Algerian architectural gem listed as a World Heritage Site

Algeria - The Rias El Bahr Palace, known as "BASTION 23" in Algiers, is considered an Algerian architectural gem built during the Ottoman era and listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1992, in the preserved sector of the Kasbah of Algiers, and it still dazzles visitors and arouses the curiosity of researchers about its architectural history and its protective role in the country.

Rias al-Bahr Palace... a world historical monument

The Rias El Bahr Palace, or "BASTION23", is one of the most important historical monuments of the city of Algiers, and one of the testimonies of the past embodied in the extensions of the city of Algeria towards the Mediterranean... It is still noble despite the passage of the years, telling us within its walls the cultures and civilizations that have passed.

"Palace of the Rias"...the greatest witness to the history of Our Lady of the Mediterranean

Its gigantic walls touch the waters of the Mediterranean, so much so that it is unable to erase the immortal traces of a building which formed a solid shield against invaders, and the shadow of the majestic fortress of Algeria and its solid arm which stun the colonialists. , and remained steadfast for centuries, becoming the last witness along the ancient Casbah, towards the sea.

Rias El Bahr Palace in Algeria is a world historical value

The Rias El Bahr Palace in Algeria is a giant fort on the waterfront and includes 3 palaces for Algerian sailors, built during the Ottoman era. For its historical value, it was listed by UNESCO in 1990 as a World Heritage Site.

Rias El Bahr Palace.. the fortress of Algerian fever for three centuries

On the central waterfront of the city of Algiers stands a giant fortress visible from afar. The city knows her and has known her for hundreds of years. She defended it for three centuries against European invasion. It is the "Palace of the Rias al-Bahr".

An educational program in the Palais des Rias

ALGIERS- The National Organization for Sustainable Tourism organized on Saturday an educational excursion to the Kasbah of Algiers and Ksar Rias for the benefit of around thirty students, with the aim of introducing them to the rich heritage of the city and raising their awareness of sustainable tourism.