Palace of the Rais | Arts and Culture Center


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Rias ‘ palace arts and culture center is one of the most important historical monuments of algiers  and the only urban fabric  which testifies the extention of the casbah till the se ait is comosed of three main palaces ( palace 18, palace 23, palace 17) ; six fishermen houses ; Qaa essour mosque and other external spaces such as : the covering passages ( sabbat) the battery and the battlement round walkway .

Restored in 1987 by an Italian firm called (CH. M. B.M) in collaboration within an Algerian participation of experts under the supervision of CULTURE MINISTRY .

On the 23rd  of november 1993, a decree stepulating  the creation of the center of arts and culture, at Rias‘s palace Bastion 23 ; inaugurated on the 1st of november 1994. the center has many tasks such as : the schedule of the official tours , pedagogical visits and the organization of the sientific and cultural activities, in additon to that maintenance work overseeing preservation and conservation aspects.