Palace of the Rais | Arts and Culture Center

As part of the implementation of the program established to celebrate Heritage Month (April 18 – May 18), the Center for Arts and Culture at the Palace of the Raïs, bastion 23, under the supervision of the Minister of Culture and Arts, Dr. “Souraya Moulogi,” is organizing a special training for Customs officials on the protection of cultural heritage. The training will focus on the theme of “Preserving Cultural Heritage and Combating Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property.” It will be led by esteemed speakers, including:


– Lieutenant Aribi Moujahid, officer at the National Institute of Criminology and Criminalistics of the National Gendarmerie, on the experience of the National Gendarmerie in combating illicit traffic of cultural property and approaches to address various negative phenomena.

– Commissioner General Hamlaoui Amar, Deputy Director of Information and Communication at the Alger Port Regional Directorate, on the role of Customs in preserving cultural heritage.

– Ms. Riach Faiza, on legal mechanisms and regulatory provisions related to the protection of movable and immovable cultural property.

– Dr. Aïcha Hanafi, on archaeological excavations at Mers El Djadj, in the region of Zemmouri El Bahri.

– Ms. Nadia Achroufane, researcher and teaching-research staff at the National Center for Archaeological Research.

Date: Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM